Sunday, June 10, 2012

New bunny...again!

Even since I got my little girl bunny, I knew she needed a friend.  I was checking the Los Angeles animal shelters almost daily to find the perfect little boyfriend for her.  After two failed attempts (I got there too late and the one I wanted was already claimed)...I found him.

I kept them separate for the first week, then began to introduce them to each other.  That did not start out well. Chasing, light girl bunny wanted new boy bunny to know that she's in charge.

Meeting in the bathroom
But then, magically, last weekend...

My bunnies are now totally in love.  They are side-by-side almost every time I give them free reign of the apartment.  Today they took a nap, with little gray boy bunny so stretched out and sleepy while girl bunny licked his face.

From initial meeting until cuddling, it only took three weeks. I am a surprisingly great bunny bonder.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My second "Mythbusters" episode aired!

Mythbusters "Battle of the Sexes" finally aired on Sunday, April 22! So now I can finally talk about it...

I really should have been better prepared for this.  Who can more efficiently pack a car for a roadtrip in under eight minutes?  All those years of my life playing Tetris!—but seriously, who packs two dozen eggs, a piƱata, and a large cardboard tube on a roadtrip?  I packed those rectangular suitcases into the trunk like nobody's business, but the rest of the random stuff...forget it.  I threw the last item into the car when they called time.

...and that's all they showed of me this time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

10K - I DID IT!

I did it!  I completed the Hollywood 10K!  I didn't run in the four weeks before the race.  I still hate running.  But I did it!

I left home at 6:00am, anticipating street closures and parking issues.  I meant to park at Hollywood & Highland, entering from Orange...but once I took my 101 exit, I couldn't find Orange with all the closures.  Then, somehow with my detours, I ended up in Burbank.  There I was, driving past Warner Bros studios...clearly not where I wanted to be.  After a forty-minute excursion, I gave up parking in Hollywood, went to the Universal Metro parking lot, and took the Red Line one stop to Hollywood/Highland. (Why didn't I just do that in the fist place?!)

I finally got where I needed to be and waited.  Once I arrived, I was glad to be there...but throughout the night, I definitely considered skipping it.  A bottle of wine and four hours of sleep the night before definitely made sleeping in pretty appealing.  I knew I'd regret not going.  I felt fine, though, and I got more excited as we approached the start.

Then it happened!  I started running a 10K!  I thought I was doing well...then looked at my watch.  Only six minutes into it.  Not even a mile into my 6.2 miles.  Oops.  I did a bit of a run/walk for the first half, which was fine.  I reached the halfway-point turn-around at thirty minutes...and then I kept running.  I ran 20-25 minutes straight after that!  It was a slow little mini-jog, but I didn't stop that pace!  I only walked for a minute or two once I saw the finish line in the distance, so I could prepare for my glorious finish.

AND I FINISHED PRETTY WELL!  I almost sprinted the final thirty seconds or so.  I felt like a gazelle.  Or a Kenyan.  I ran and ran and I finished a 10K!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running update

I still hate running, so this is not going well.  My 10K is two and a half weeks away...and I haven't gone running in about that same amount of time. Alexa and I started a plan to hold each other accountable for running/gym time.  We have a shared Google Doc to track our runs, and decided we'd compete for total distance—run/walk three days a week, for minimum twenty minutes each time, and log our miles.  It was working for awhile...then she temporarily stopped due to injury, and without racing her for distance (I like winning things!), I stopped going too.  Bad.

I have to run over six miles soon!  And then I have to run over thirteen miles in a few months!  RARH.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I saw Titanic 3D.  I got advance screening passes and went alone.

I never got to see Titanic in theaters originally—I didn't see it until a few years later when my family rented the movie. Seeing it on a big screen...and in 3D!...made it even more visually stunning. The grand scale of the ship, the costumes, even the background people.

It. Was. Awesome.
Go see it in theaters in April.